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About Us

​TorontoTooth is a nonprofit project supported by Calumet and Stong Colleges of the faculty of health at York University as an Agents of Change project. Our project aims to provide the homeless youth community of Toronto with oral hygiene products.

The homeless community of Toronto are the most under-served portion of the city's population when it comes to oral health. Our goal is to improve the health of the youth within this community by making oral hygiene accessible to them.


We strive to raise awareness about income-related inequalities in dental care in the Greater Toronto Area, and hope to ultimately improve social justice in oral health.

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The Types of Donations that We Accept

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DOs and DONTs of donating

More information about TorontoTooth

Files are available for download

Want to learn about our sanitation process during the COVID-19 pandemic ?

Step by step guide to donations:


Please donate new and unused products.


Please tell your friends and family about us and our mission!


Please do not remove any of the product donations out of their packaging.


Please do not trust any other payment portals other than our website, GoFundMe, and in-person meetings with our team's leaders.

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