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Our Community, Our Family

How did you spend Family Day with your loved ones this Monday? My family didn’t do anything special, but we stayed home and spent the day together cooking, talking, and laughing. It was a needed family time.

As we all know, Family Day celebrates the importance of family in society. But, have you thought about why families are important in society? It is because families nourish and facilitate the growth and development of social relationships, values, and goals. This means that the relationships and connections we build with family members are what determines the development of relationships with others in society. When a family member demonstrates their values for growth, kindness, and optimism, other members of the family may be inspired to also look for growth, show kindness in their everyday lives, and be resilient in times of struggle, respectively.

As such, I believe it is important for us, including you, to demonstrate the importance of advocacy for the homeless individuals in our community. Homeless children and teenagers often do not have families to observe and learn from. Hence, it may be more difficult for them to learn about societal relationships, values, and goals.

Thus, to inspire our loved ones as well as help the homeless community at the same time, we can do simple things, like volunteering in homeless shelters, providing goods to the homeless community, and donating Toronto Tooth. Toronto Tooth, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping Torontonians experiencing unstable housing to receive basic oral hygiene products, including toothbrushes and toothpastes. By taking part in these activities, the homeless children may start seeing the warmth in our community.

When we take part in activities together as a family, we will be able to see our community as a big family that we are a part of. Now, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your values of family and take action to help our community in your own unique way.

Help our community to become a better place



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