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  • Nikesha B

Spring Cleaning!

It’s a throbbing, aching pain. You can’t eat, sleep or talk. Your jaw is tiringly tender, and severely swollen. Your teeth are sickeningly sensitive— Everything is either too cold or too hot….You’ve got a cavity, or some other oral condition that you could have easily prevented.

Now that it’s officially Spring, it’s also time for some spring cleaning, meaning that it’s time to clean up our spaces, habits, and routines as we crawl out of our winter funks.

Whether it’s the sugary highs (or lows) of Valentine’s Day, or the drunken excitement of Saint Patrick’s Day, our oral health has faced consequences

. Sweet sugar and effective alcohol can wear down our teeth and gums, making us susceptible to oral diseases, and with Easter around the corner, all that chocolate is bound to provide another opportunity for cavities to creep up on you.

So, in the true spirit of spring and spring cleaning, this is another reminder to keep up or clean up your oral care routine to make sure those pearly whites stay strong and sparkling.

If you’re not already brushing at least twice a day (not just your teeth but the roof of your mouth, cheeks, tongue, and gums) you’re gonna wanna start. You’re also going to want to make sure you don’t forget to floss at least once (a quick tip is to add toothpaste to your floss to help prevent cavities from forming between the teeth), and for a signature sparkle make sure to use oral products with fluoride in them. If you are already doing all those things, you’ve taken the first steps towards a happy, healthy mouth but your next steps? A professional cleaning— You should call your dentist or oral care professional to book an appointment just to make sure everything is as good as it looks.

But if your oral care routine is already in tip-top shape and you’re perhaps looking to clean up some of your habits, you should try;

  • Cutting back on vices like cigarettes and alcohol along with sweet delights and acidic foods. (yes this includes all chocolate the Easter bunny brings you)

  • You’re gonna want to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water

  • And if you have any underlying or preexisting conditions that may affect your teeth, work to keep them in check.

Remember that your smile is important and often affects the way people see you. We here at TorontoTooth are dedicated to helping you take care of that smile, but also to helping those that cannot afford or do not have regular access to proper oral care by providing them with oral hygiene products. To donate to our cause please click Here and to find out more about us please visit TorontoTooth.Ca

TorontoTooth is a not-for-profit agents of change program affiliated with and supported by York University’s Calumet and Stong Colleges along with the York University Faculty of Health.


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