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Teeth or Treat: How to Protect your Pearly Whites this Halloween

We all have fears and anxieties and with Halloween coming up; now is the time of year to acknowledge and discuss them. The thought of losing all your teeth for most is normally a scary thought, and the concept of any pain or down hill spiraling for your teeth and/or overall oral health is even scarier (especially for those who dread going to the dentist). Despite all the oral and dental related fears the average person does not take proper care of their teeth, for example failing to brush their teeth a minimum of twice and flossing at least once a day— in fact just a little over a third (around 37%) of Canadians are doing so.

A poor oral health routine is a lot more dangerous than most people realize the diseases and disorders that they result in a lot more trouble than most believe.

Listed below are three commonly found dental and oral disorders/ diseases that cause a bit more trouble than you bargain for when not keeping up with your oral hygiene routines:

Tartar Buildup

Tartar Buildup, as you can tell from the name; is a build up of tartar which is a mixture of your mouth bacteria with protein and any leftover food particles or byproducts— So, in other words, tartar is plaque that has stayed on your teeth long enough to harden. Buildup can come in minor and more major cases, but either way both still can cause a lot of damage to your teeth. Tartar is usually a yellow-ish light brown colour, and tends to be kind of porous and rough, sitting above the gum line as it coats the tooth. Effects of tartar buildup include tooth decay, receding gums, general gum disease and specifically a leading factor to the next entry Periodontitis.

How do we treat tartar build up? well you have to go see a dental professional to get it removed; but you can prevent it by simply making sure to brush regularly and take the time to floss— you can also prevent this by watching what you eat (staying away from sugary and starchy foods) and staying away from tobacco products.


What is periodontitis?— Basically it is a more severe form of Gingivitis or rather what will become of an untreated case. Periodontitis is gum disease and a serious infection that can damage the soft tissue and the supporting gum-embedded parts of your teeth leading to tooth decay and damage along with tooth loss. Symptoms of Periodontitis include bad breath, bleeding gums, painful chewing, swollen and/ or tender gums. Ways to protect your teeth and gums are again to keep up with a properly executed dental/ oral hygiene regimen.


Cavities are probably the most well known and common of the three disorders being notoriously found in children around this time of year— but what is a cavity exactly? A cavity is basically just another form of tooth decay but more specifically one that shows up as a hole in the tooth. Cavities usually tend to start small and go unnoticed until they eventually grow and are accompanied by symptoms like tooth sensitivity, pain, and the now larger than before more visible hole in the tooth. A cavity is an easy pain to avoid by cutting out excess sugar and of course having a regular and well executed routine for your dental-oral hygiene. But what happens when you have a cavity and you have no clue it is even there?— Cavities are kind of tricky and have some minor causes such as food particles, bacteria, and saliva, while there are also more extreme causes such as eating disorders, and more random causes like dry mouth. The best thing you can to protect your teeth from cavities is to have regular check ups with your dentist where they can provide treatment for any cavities you have, if you have them.

So What Should You Do to Spare Yourself the Pain?

As you’ve already read having a strong oral hygiene routine such as flossing regularly (at least once a day), brushing your teeth (Twice a day), rinsing with mouthwash (as often as you are brushing/ twice a day), and making routine visits to your dentist or oral Hygienist is more than important, when it come to keeping your teeth and the rest of your mouth in peak condition.

Unfortunately that just is not a possibility for everyone. Those sitting on the losing end of the dental/oral health gap are those who cannot afford dental care or in some cases even the most basic requirements of oral hygiene. Individuals experiencing homelessness have it the worst, as they are reported to have the most incidences of poor access to oral hygiene products as basic as toothbrushes. At TorontoTooth our mission is to change just that. We help provide Children, youth, and underprivileged women experiencing homelessness with oral hygiene products that they desperately need. But we cannot do it on our own. Now more than ever, we need your help to make a difference. Please donate to our cause to gift an oral hygiene kit to an unhoused individual today.

To read more about TorontoTooth please click on “About Us”.


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